Assembly Constituencies of Rajnandgaon District is as under
Serial No Assembly Constituency No.   Assembly Constituency Name of Electoral Registration Officer Designation
1 73 Khairagarh Shree C. P. Baghel Sub Divisional Officer, Khairagarh
2 74 Dongargarh (S.C.) Shree Prem Prakash Pandey Sub Divisional Officer, Dongargarh
3 75 Rajnandgaon Shree Atul Vishwakarma Sub Divisional Officer, Rajnandgaon
4 76 Dongargaon Shree Pushpendra Sharma Sub Divisional Officer, Dongargaon
5 77 Khujji Shree Pushpendra Sharma Sub Divisional Officer, Dongargaon
6 78 Mohla Manpur (S.T.) Shree P. L. Yadav Sub Divisional Officer, Mohla-Manpur
Parliamentary Constituency Rajnandgaon includes the following Assembly Constituencies.
Serial No Assembly Constituency No. Assembly Constituency Name District
1 71 Pandariya Kabirdham
2 72 Kawardha Kabirdham
3 73 Khairagarh Rajnandgaon
4 74 Dongargarh (S.C.) Rajnandgaon
5 75 Rajnandgaon Rajnandgaon
6 76 Dongargaon Rajnandgaon
7 77 Khujji Rajnandgaon
8 78 Mohla Manpur (S.T.) Rajnandgaon