Dr. Baldev Prasad Mishra

Mishra was born on 12 September 1898 at 12.00 noon in Rajnandgaon. His father was Pt Narayan Prasad Mishra and mother Smt Janaki Devi. He matriculated from the State School in 1914, B. H. from the College of Hallap in 1918. In A.M., 1920, Psychology, L. in 1921. L. B. And in 1939 Dissertation earned D. Litt’s title on Tulsi philosophy. The workspace of Dr. Jhajleviman Nakshatra Dr. Mishra of Hindi literature is very vast and glorious.In the beginning, after advocating Raipur in Raipur, he remained in the Raigad regime from 1923 to 1940, respectively, in the office of Deeb Dewan, Dewan and one year Judge, his wife, Mrs. Rampriyari Devi, was always an integral collaborator of his spacious work place.

Dr Mishra was the first Indian researcher to present his dissertation in English instead of English in the British rule tomorrow, D. Litt. Has received the title of . He is the headmaster of the Manasavi Department of Hindi at Nagpur University, S.R.R. of Raipur. The first Principal of the College and Durga Arts College, Visiting Professor of Hyderabad and Baroda University, was also the convener of the Hindi Courses Committee of Old Madhya Pradesh and Mahakaushal Secondary Education Board.

First Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru nominated him in the Central Committee of the Bharat Sevak Samaj, he presented his unforgettable services in many universities as the examiner of research students. Mishra was a divisional vigilance officer in Bilaspur and vice-chancellor of Khairagarh University.Chairman of Madhya Pradesh Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, also presided over the Tulsi Jubilee celebration of All India Hindi Sahitya Sammelan. They were penetrating to Ram Katha.

Dr Baldev Prasad Mishra had also provided remarkable services in public life along with literature. He was the President of municipalities of Raigad, Kharsia and Rajnandgaon and was the Senior Vice President of Raipur Municipality. Mishra has contributed incredible contribution in the establishment and progress of many educational institutions.

Ram Katha, Manas Madhuri (Role – First President, Dr. Rajendra Prasad), Jeevan Music, Sublime Music etc., Shastras in Biology, Skills Kishore, Ram State, Saket Sant, (Role-Shri Maithilisaran Gupta), Tulsi Darshan, Indian Culture, Manas Along with the creations, Dr. Mishra has also glorified the literary world through editing and translation. He died on 4 September 1975 at Rajnandgaon.