Places of Interest

Major archaeological and tourist sites of Rajnandgaon district
Serial No Archaeological and Tourist sites Place Specialty Distance from city of Rajnandgaon (in km)
1 Shiv Temple Gandai (Tikari Para) Shiva Temple is built in the eastern horizon . This temple is of high quality in terms of architectural art. This temple was constructed in the 13-14th century. 74 Kilometers north
2 Shiv Temple (Newly excavated) Ghatiyari From architectural point of view, the mere establishment and sanctuary remains. This temple was constructed in the 11-12th century. 79 Kilometer
3 Narmada Kund Narmada This is the natural water source (water reservoir). This temple is of the then Maratha Panchayat style. 62 Kilometer
4 Mandeep Khol Thakurtola Here is the natural cave and water source. 85 Kilometer
5 Dongareshwar mahadev Jangalpur Water is flowing through natural caves and rocks at around 100 feet from the surface throughout the year. 65 Kilometer
6 Indira Arts and Music University Khairagarh It is the only music and a fine arts university of India. Archaeological Museum is also established. 39 Kilometer
7 Jagannath Temple Pandadah It was the capital of the Rajnandgaon princely state of Bairagi kings. The famous Lord Jagannath temple is established here. 47 Kilometer
8 Bamleshwari Temple Dongargarh There is a Bumheleshwari temple located in the hill . A grand fair is held in the Shardishya and Vasanthi Navaratri. 40 Kilometer
9 Principate palace Rajnandgaon The princely state-of-the-art grand palace, which is currently being used as Government Digvijay College. In the later part of the palace, the Triveni museum is established and the palace is covered with a lake. 0 Kilometer
10 Natural cave Ambagarh Chowki This place is located at a distance of 13-14 kms from Ambagadh Chauki Tehsil headquarter. There is a natural cave and lake lion pond. 40 Kilometer
11 Archaeological Museum Rajnandgaon Founded in 31/08/1977, the Archeology Association formed in Rajnandgaon district, whose registration number 44, is dated 07/08/1980. This is a senior institution in the archaeological institutions formed in the state. This is a important organization approved, guided and funded by the then Commissioner,Archeology & Museums, Government of Madhya Pradesh .Read more… 0 Kilometer
12 Mukti Bodh Parisar Rajnandgaon Nationally renowned literary personalities, who grew up in the district, Even after the existence of Sarvee Shri Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh, Padumlal Pannalal Bakshi and Baldev Prasad Mishra, this area was still completely neglected in the field of literature. The famous Burhan Bagh, situated near Digvijay College, was developed as a Triveni complex, which is currently built on the basis of beautification. In such a beautiful place, what will be in the counting cities of the state, where two or two ponds are surrounded The Earth-Volume page part has been set up on a Mukti Bodh complex, showing the historical background.Read more… 0 Kilometer
13 Triveni museum Rajnandgaon There is three sections on the upper floor of the Triveni Museum. His northern section where Muktibodh used to live. His literature is the location of sadhana and the curved ladder which he has mentioned in his compositions in this northern section.Read more… 0 Kilometer