Rajnandgaon is a popular town situated in the state of Chhattisgarh. Although the city is not highly populated but since pre independence the city has been a prominent part of region’s economic activities. The city has been under the rule of several dynasties and was mainly known for the timber trade.The region is also known for its agricultural strength. Within span of few decades, several small medium agro based industries has mushroomed in the region. These industries have created a lot of employment opportunities for the youth in the region and helped in transforming their lives.

Agriculture and Trade in Rajnandgaon

Although the city has seen the growth of several industries in the region but the main workforce is engaged in agriculture. The urban population is mainly self employed or employed in government firm but the rural population still depends on dairy, poultry and fishery to earn livelihood. The substantial tribal population of the region depends on forest based livelihood activities. The forests in the region also provide support to the tribal population to survive. The tribal people collect the leaves of tamarind, amla, mahua, mango, custard apple and some medicinal plants for the small industries dealing in herbal products.

With the improvement of technology and information, the agriculture of the region has improved a lot. The region mainly produces cereal grains like rice,jowar, bajra, pulses etc. Farmers in the region generally cultivates paddy in kharif season during the winter due to the availability of irrigational requirements. However, due to the harsh summers and drought conditions sometime results in less production of rice and paddy.

Industrial Scenario in Rajnandgaon

The region of Rajnandgaon is known for the rich deposit of limestone which has led to the establishment of several extraction and mining industries. Apart from the mineral industries, the city has become the hub for several industries including Agro based, water purification, cotton textile, jute based, wooden based and paper products. The city is also home to several chemical and manufacturing industries.

In all we can say that Rajnandgaon has a self sufficient economy. The soil conditions in the region are suitable for growing variety of juicy fruits and vegetables. The region of Rajnandgaon also produces minor forest products like Tendu leaves, Sal seed, etc. The government is also working toward to enhance and improve the cultivating conditions in the region.