Triveni Museum

There is three sections on the upper floor of the Triveni Museum. His northern section where Muktibod used to live. His literature is the location of sadhana and the curved ladder which he has mentioned in his compositions in this northern section. It is a symbol of gratitude and reverence towards them, in this section, dedication of PS Muktibod ji with their memories.This memorial was made to the middle section of the memorial dedicated to the literary Dr. Padumlal Pannalal Bakshi and the southern section dedicated to the memory of Dr. Baldev Prasad Mishra, his memoirs, compositions and manuscripts, this memorial was made to the confluence of three eminent literaryists “Triveni” is . At the ground floor of this monument, a reception, waiting room and reading room has been arranged.

Seeing the room dedicated to Muktibodh ji, it appears as if he is still absorbed in the creation of his creations. Muktibodh ji’s cigarette box, his dress, glasses and his two pen (pen) that he wrote many of his compositions, is seen or seen as if he is somewhere around us. Many rare photographs of manuscripts, manuscripts, his texts etc. are kept in the middle of the memorial, by Dr. Badman Lal Punnalal Bakshi ji. His observation of oil painting makes his memory alive. In the southern chamber of the memorial, many memories associated with his life have been preserved with the oil paintings.

Overall, the Muktibodh Memorial-Triveni Museum, established in Rajnandgaon, is unique in its own right. Chhattisgarh is not only a state but a dedicated monument to the memory of literary figures, or a monument that is not found elsewhere. It is an invaluable heritage for literature lovers and researchers.Baldev Prasad Mishra.

This monument is open for visitors, literary lovers from 10 am to 5 pm. The official holiday can also be visited on Sundays. The district administration has taken advantage of this system to take advantage of Sunday’s holidays to make more and more people look at the compositions of this historic building and literary magicians and their related materials.This monument is closed on Monday.